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Atmos RAW Vaporizer

The Atmos RAW is a new portable vaporizer by Atmos Technology made in the USA. This vaporizer is one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market as it has a super fast heating time of only 5 seconds and is not much bigger than the size of a pen.

The Atmos RAW portable vaporizer runs off of a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which allows for approximately 72 hours of vaporizing off of a single charge. (Allow 2 hours for a complete charge). On the end of the battery is located a blue LED light that lights up when ever you push the power button. The LED light also indicates when you need to recharge your battery.

One of most amazing features about the Atmos RAW vaporizer is the fact that it contains a ceramic heating element and chamber. Ceramic heating parts are far superior to generic heating parts as they provide a much more even heat without any kind of combustion. This also ensures that you are not inhaling any kind of harmful toxins.

The Atmos RAW vaporizer also has an Automatic Shut-Off feature that turns the unit off after 9 seconds of continuous heat. If you wish to continue vaporizing one only has to wait 3 seconds hold the power button down and off you go again. With the added oil adapter, the Atmos Raw is well suited to handle e liquids as well as oils.

The Atmos RAW vaporizer is an ingenius new vaporizer that is packed with the latest technology and quality.

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