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Vapor Tower Deluxe Hands Free

The Vapor Tower in the first box style vaporizer to feature a vertical design which creates a vertical stream of heat with little heat loss and it’s on sale now. The Vapor Tower Hands Free Deluxe  gets better airflow because of the unique double screen that suspends you favorite active ingredients above the center punched ceramic heating element. This approach results in more efficient and effective vaporization. Included with your Vapor Tower Deluxe is the new 2 piece vapor whip and hand kit. The Vapor Tower also features set and forget technology where you can set the desired temperature and it will stay for the next session.

Vaporizer Sale – SAVE Over 25%

The VaporTower Sale includes:

  • VaporTower Deluxe Hands Free Vaporizer
  • VaporTower Hand Kit with silicone tubing and custom blown mouthpiece


Vaporizer Sale On Now!

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  1. roy says:

    Very happy with the VaporTower. Thanks for all the help Jenny. Thanks again, Roy

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